I.T. is not an exact science with network and computer systems being dynamic in nature and the needs of the client changing continually with the advance in technology. We have therefore developed services aimed at effectively implementing, supporting and maintaining the network infrastructure to meet short, medium and long term objectives.

With solid support services in place, the client can concentrate on the core business, having peace of mind that the network and systems are reliable and effective.

Our main services are as follows :

Net-Audit – prior to supporting a new client, a net-audit is carried out detailing and documenting the current network infrastructure and making recommendations for improvements where required.

Installations – this can vary from a single PC, printer or stand-alone piece of software to a whole network implementation. Installations are always planned in advance and where required documentation produced detailing technical information and implementation procedures.

Maintenance – with regular maintenance work carried out, the performance and reliability of the network and systems can be significantly improved and maintained. Scheduled onsite visits and remote server work is carried out periodically, and this is tailored to the size and needs of each client.

Help Desk – regular maintenance work can significantly improve and maintain performance, however due to the nature of network and computer systems, unexpected issues will always arise from time to time. This reactive support service is there as a dedicated help desk, ready to provide a quick response and effective solution to resolve all I.T. related issues.