In addition to pro-active maintenance, support will always be required for those unexpected issues that crop up from time to time, we provide a fully managed help desk available during office hours to provide support for all network and system related issues, and where a pro-active maintenance contract has been taken out, service level agreements and priority support are also included.


Once an issue is reported to us, a call is raised and logged with our help desk system, the client is then given a call reference that can then be used to track the status of the call at anytime.

Most issues can be resolved either by guidance over the phone or with the use of remote control software, however where required and for more serious issues we will make an onsite visit to resolve the issue. Rock Network Solutions prides itself on a quick response and resolution to clients issues and have an excellent proven track record.  

3rd party software/hardware issues are normally resolved by a specialist support help desk, however we will always liaise with any 3rd parties until the issue is resolved, where this is required.