These can vary from a PC, printer or stand-alone piece of software to a whole network infrastructure. All pre-planned installations are given appropriate forethought and more advanced implementations have documentation produced detailing any technical and management information, to enable the smoothest implementation possible.


Examples of technologies implemented and supported over the years include:

    Local Area Networks (LAN’s) – cabled and wireless implementations

–     Microsoft Windows server – Microsoft’s Small Business Server and standard operating
       systems, providing centralised file storage, backup, e-mail distribution (Exchange) etc

    Workstations – PC’s and laptops, Microsoft Office etc

–     Internet connectivity – using analogue dial-up, ISDN or more commonly now, ADSL
       broadband for single system or network wide Internet connectivity

–     Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) – connectivity between offices or remote workers and the
       office, using virtual private networking (VPN) technology

–     Security – anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam solutions, encryption for wireless
       networks and VPN connections

–     Thin-client solutions – where a common workstation environment and centralised
       management is required

–     Peripherals – printers, scanners, storage devices etc

With our knowledge of the clients network we are best placed to advise and install a variety of solutions tailored to their specific needs and with well thought through implementations, potential issues are significantly reduced.