It has been proven time and again that with regular pro-active maintenance, the reliability and stability of the network and systems can be significantly improved and maintained.












Some of the typical work carried out is listed below:

–     Anti-virus – databases are checked to make sure they are up to date and logs reviewed

–     Network devices & cabling – cable feeding and availability of network ports checked

–     Backup and disaster recovery – server backups and redundancy systems checked for

–     Windows updates – the latest service packs and all critical/security patches installed
       where required

–     Hard disk storage – available disk space and file system integrity checked

Many more checks and processes are performed on the network, server and workstations, with updated documentation produced, detailing network and system technical information, work carried out and recommended configuration changes and improvements.  

The level of pro-active maintenance is tailored to the clients needs and can include scheduled onsite visits for the network and systems, as well as remote server work as appropriate.